SecurePath: Your Trusted Partner for Reliability on UAE’s Routes

Experience unwavering reliability on UAE’s diverse roads with SecurePath Certified Tracking Company. Trusted GPS solutions ensuring smooth navigation, security, and peace of mind for your journey. Partner with us for a seamless and dependable road experience.

Elevate Fleet Security with SecurePath Certificate

SecurePath offers an advanced GPS tracking system that ensures security and real-time vehicle monitoring. With advanced technology and a user-friendly interface, SecurePath guarantees precise tracking, providing peace of mind to fleet owners and managers. As an advanced GPS Tracker Company, we bring this SecurePath advantage to our clients in the UAE. As a licensed provider, we deliver tailored solutions with SecurePath’s features, ensuring unparalleled security and reliability for fleet vehicles. With our commitment to quality service and cost-effective packages, Najoom Al Thuraya is your trusted partner in securing and monitoring your fleet’s movements with precision and efficiency.


Role of Securepath Premium Services in Dubai

SIRA Dubai has set up a rule where all rental and security vehicles and some other Emirates vehicles must have a GPS tracking device with a certificate showing it’s properly installed. SecurePath premium services in Dubai offer various features beyond GPS tracking, customizable to meet businesses’ specific requirements.

SecurePath premium services offer the following features:

  • Real-time Vehicle Tracking
  • Engine immobilization
  • Driver Behavior Monitoring
  • Geofence Alerts
  • Fuel Management

Curious about SecurePath?

SecurePath is an important initiative that holds great significance, a joint venture between the Security Industry Regulatory Agency (SIRA) and the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). It’s the guardian of security for car rental and different security businesses in the UAE. Beyond mere registration, SecurePath sets a new standard, ensuring fleet tracking companies in UAE comply with vital safety benchmarks. This excellent system doesn’t just register; it champions transparency and accountability, revolutionizing safety protocols within the car rental and fleet-related industries.

Steps To Get A Securepath Certificate

Steps To Get A Securepath Certificate

Steps To Get A Securepath Certificate
Getting a secure path certificate is necessary for businesses operating a fleet of vehicles. It assures compliance, security, and safer fleet operations. The process of getting this secure path registration certificate is simple, and it involves the installation of a GPS tracker for your vehicle from a reliable GPS service provider. Below are some steps to get this certificate.

  • Firstly, you should identify the needs of your registration certificate, encryption level, secure domain, and other additional features. 
  • Select an authentic certificate authority to provide you with a secure path certificate. 
  • The next step is creating a certificate signing request on your server before officially getting the certificate. 
  • After creating the CSR, you must submit it and the required documents to the certificate authority which will be helpful in validating and verifying your identity.
  • The next step after getting the certificate is to install it on your server according to the guidance given by the certificate authority.
  • For encrypted communication, configure the server to use the securepath certificate.’
  • Testing and verifying are recommended in the last and ensure proper functioning.

Najoom Al Thuraya, a trusted secure path premium service provider, will provide the registration certificate after installing the tracker. This document will show that the automobile has an authentic GPS monitoring system, providing serenity and peace of mind to the company owners and their customers.

Certificate Of Installation

After a successful installation of the GPS tracker, the certificate of installation is provided, which involves the name of the vehicle’s owner, automobile identification number, expiry date of the license, device ID, and registration plate number. The expiration date on the permit keeps the vehicle owner updated on the registration validity period. Enhance your vehicle’s security and legal compliance with our trusted GPS tracking company.

securepath certificate installation
Renewal of Securepath Certificate

Renewal of Securepath Certificate

In Dubai’s vehicle industry, renewal of every vehicle Certificate is necessary. Getting a timely renewal will ensure security and validity and reduce the chances of fines and penalties because of an expired securepath license. Being updated about the expiry date of your certificate and getting a timely renewal make you a responsible vehicle owner. Below are some renewal benefits.

  • It updates the encryption and authentication mechanism.
  • It helps maintain a valid vehicle registration in RTA.
  • Renewal vehicle registration certificates assure the validity and usability of the license. 
  • It helps to maintain compliance with different regulatory standards. 

Enhance Your Security with Najoom Al-Thuraya’s SecurePath Services

Upgrade your business and vehicle security with Najoom Al-Thuraya, your dedicated partner for SecurePath services in the UAE. Our certified expertise ensures a seamless integration of advanced technology, offering unparalleled protection and compliance. Trust us to explore the future of secure tracking. Secure your assets and streamline your operations with our proven and reliable tracking system. Contact us today to experience the secure and efficient future of tracking!