Best GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices

Protect your vehicles with the best GPS vehicle tracking devices in UAE. Our trackers offer accurate location tracking and customizable alerts. Get yours today!

GPS Tracking Devices for Fleet Vehicles

Our potential and durable vehicle tracking devices are easy to install and small in size; they can be installed secretly in the fleet or vehicles. These small-sized devices work efficiently by gaining power from the main battery deployed inside the gadget. When the device’s charging gets low, the electric supply comes from the vehicle’s main battery to continue the main functionality. GPS car tracking devices prices in Dubai and UAE are available with reasonable packages at Najoom Al Thuraya.

FMC130 GPS Vehicle Tracker Device

FMC130 GPS Vehicle Tracker Device

FMC130 is a smart chargeable 4G supportive device designed to check vehicles’ different GPS positions, such as engine temperature detection, fuel updates, odometer, and speed visibility. It is developed so that the owner can easily monitor the defined features via an all-in-one controlling command.

  • GSM Connectivity with Server & Network.
  • Seamless Accessibility via Applications.
  • 4G Tracking Inputs.
  • Engine Blocking Controller.
  • Highly Configured and Notification Alerts.

GT 09 Best Car Tracking Device

GT 09 is an advanced GPS tracking device with valuable features, such as transferable automobile or stuff detection, specific range alarm alerts, and power and engine start alerts. It comes with solid frequency connectors that establish quick data transfer with satellite and user access.

  • Theft Safety Alerts.
  • Built-in Battery Backup.
  • Fast Notification Accessibility.
  • External Supply Cutoff Option.
  • Reliable Voltage Range.
GT 09 Best Car Tracking Device
AVL Vehicle Tracking Device

AVL Vehicle Tracking Device

AVL is a digital GPS tracking tool used to detect the movable position of the fleet or any personal vehicle with automated controlling commands. It is fully compatible with the different databases and receivers that deliver continuous connectivity to detect the vehicle easily, such as map navigation, speed realities, route directives, and pinpoint alerts.

  • Cellular GPS communications.
  • Electromagnetic Ways Detection.
  • Modem and Receiver Connectivity.
  • Desktop and Phone Accessibility.
  • Electronic Logbook ELD.

Trace 5 Vehicle Tracking Device

Trace 5 is a multi-function automatic vehicle tracking device installed to check the static and movable position of the automobile, freight, fleet, and another customized tracking. It carries a tiny built-in battery to keep turning on the device, and a smart processor establishes user accessibility despite slow internet speed.

  • 4G GSM Networking Support.
  • Waterproof Installation.
  • Heat Bearable Feasibility.
  • Engine Blocking Recognition.
  • Digital & Analog Outputs.
Trace 5 Vehicle Tracking Device


The tracking device works through wireless signals generated by a device installed in the vehicle through a satellite GPS for location tracking.

Vehicle tracking devices can be detected through mobile applications, web tracking login, and the main controlling command line.

These devices can be installed secretly into vehicles at different spots, such as bumpers, below the seats, automobile frame, armrest box, and anywhere else.