School Bus Tracking System

Drive with assurance! Discover our best school bus tracking system in UAE that provides school management and parents serenity, security, and reliability. With our outstanding service, stay informed about your child’s security.

Our School Bus GPS Tracking System

It is a top priority for both parents and school administrators to make sure children are safe during school transportation. It can be daunting to ensure that kids arrive at school on time and without any issues. That’s why at Najoom Al Thuraya, we recognize this responsibility and have developed a state-of-the-art School Bus Tracking system that is reliable and efficient.

Features of the Bus Tracking System

  • You can get high digital video recording cameras integrated with GPS trackers for monitoring each view of the sitting positions.
  • Parents and guardians can monitor the kids inside the bus fleet by checking speed, hurdles, temperature, and onboard or off.
  • Digital surveillance provides a complete projection of children and the interior view with 3D movement coverage.
  • Quick alerts are provided in case of any emergency circumstances.
  • Parents are informed in case of any schedule delay or change of route or plan.
  • The Bus Fleet fitness reports and physical characteristics are shared with the parents daily or monthly.
  • You can find the smart automatic attendance system for counting the total number of students.
  • You can get notifications on reaching the shuttle at the designated bus stop.
School Bus Tracking system in UAE

Security Surveillance of Children

The safety of innocent kids and children is a big concern of parents and the responsibility of schools or academic institutes. Younger students can be tracked easily using smart bracelets and sensor devices installed in the buses. High-tech cameras monitor in or out movement of any single person on the bus.

GPS Tracking Solutions for Education Institutions

Schools and educational institutions can integrate their fleet operations smoothly through bus fleet G.P.S. tracking systems. Real-time location updates provide complete surety of route management, traffic rules compliance, and special alternate route plans across the U.A.E.
You can utilize G.P.S. tracking for a single bus system or multiple; find our GPS school Bus Tracking services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and other states of the U.A.E.


The School Bus Tracking system is a GPS-based solution that enables parents and school authorities to track the location of school buses in real-time.

The system is installed on school buses and uses GPS technology to track the location of the bus. The location data is sent to a central server, which can be accessed by parents and school authorities through a web portal or mobile app.

The system provides numerous benefits, including enhanced student safety, improved communication between parents and schools, and better fleet management for schools.

Yes, parents can track the location of their child’s school bus in real-time using the School Bus Tracking system. They can also receive notifications when the bus is close to their pickup or drop-off location.