Asset Management System

Safeguard your valuable assets with our Asset Tracking System. Stay in the loop about your asset’s location and condition in real-time, offering you the peace of mind and security your investments deserve.

Asset Tracking Software UAE

If you are looking for an Asset management tracking company in Dubai and other states of the UAE to secure physical objects, you can find our top-notch service to digitize the assets. Business owners can monitor the GPS positions of any static or movable physical object. You can check the GPS status of each & every object according to your requirement, like alerts on the opening or closing of doors, changing the position of electronic items, and any other commercial or residential appliances. Here, you can understand significant steps that can help you to track physical assets.

Asset management software provides seamless traceability of equipment at specific construction sites, healthcare laboratories, educational labs, IT asset tracking, tools, chemical labs, etc. Expensive tools in the working sector can be integrated through Geo-fence monitoring to check their usability.

Najoom Al Thuraya, asset tracking software, has different functional features, such as smart analytical assessment, report-generating capability, scheduled maintenance, inventory data information, and depreciation of machinery calculations. We provide the best asset management system to analyze expedited audit reports.

Valuable Features to Track the Assets

  • The user receives alert messages and reports when someone tries to displace the physical objects or attempts to tamper them for any distortion.
  • Users can get installations of GPS tracking devices for heavy machines or precious instruments for industrial security solutions.
  • You may know the operating parameters of machines, like working efficiency and heat emissions.
  • Users can monitor different statuses like power input or output alerts, starting on or off alerts, apparatus temperature, analog or digital outputs, etc.
  • Asset tracking system ensures complete location monitoring of small and medium proprietorships like personals, marines, containers, and corporate merchandise.
  • You can customize personal choices to improve the security issues of different indoor and outdoor outlets.
  • You can manage inventory resources with complete scheduling and location identification.
  • Physical assets can be traced through scanning, including radio frequency matching, global positioning systems, and barcoding.
asset management software uae

Business Security Empowerment

If you are managing a corporate sector and large enterprise, you need a complete security solution to strengthen the safety measurements. Manage all the working operations and monitor small to extensive machine tools through smart trackers.

We help you to monitor your personal or business properties through a complete GPS asset tracking system. With this multi-functional command, you can fix the specific position or range of any object in the home or corporate sector so that any change in their status will let you notify them.


Asset management software is a digital tool designed to help organizations efficiently track and manage their assets, from acquisition to disposal.

Asset management software provides various benefits to businesses, such as improved asset visibility and control, enhanced compliance and risk management, and simplified reporting and analytics.