Our Privacy Policy

Najoom Al Thuraya ensures customers’ complete safety through every aspect and delivers wide-ranging vehicle tracking services. Each user’s credential is kept confidential and encrypted so that they might get the tracking services without fear of data theft or suspicious activity. AL Thuraya UAE’s policy is to care for customer experience by securing their cookies and other credentials through our all-in-one data confidentiality platform.

Basic Formalities for Website Visitors

Like other websites, AL Thuraya asks for the basic preferences of the users to display the comprehensive output results, such as date, referral database, language selection, and other basics for deploying the browsing interaction.

The comprehensive privacy policy applies to our official website, www.althurayauae.com. Our policy is clear regarding the users’ personal information where third-party data sharing or information transformation is applicable in a sensitive case about the high official authorities.

Security Checkups

Security and other data breaches are highly protected due to our strict policy plans for the customers to enjoy the user-friendly service. AL Thuraya interprets basic internet protocols for internet users by keeping the personal identification domains during ID logins and comment posting without exposing them to the public.

Personal Data Safety

Najoom Al Thuraya ensures 100% privacy by protecting personal information and credentials and timely updating services to minimize risk. Our purpose is not to expose personal identification or any security breach; we always utilize the best of customers’ experience.

If someone shows interest in purchasing any tracker as a product or complete tracking, they can make contact by visiting online and tapping into the mutual confirmation process.

Cookies Collection

To enhance the experience, we use essential cookies to provide relevant information and more updated exposure. Also, cookies are collected as confirmed information to further guide the website visitor based on their activities.

If visitors at Najoom Al Thuraya don’t want to accept the essential cookies based on their preference can refuse to opt by setting their browser or web settings.

External Linking

External links direct users to the other sites by clicking for additional information or actual database. If you find any external link at our site, always review the terms and conditions of that site to reduce any chance of mishap.

Childcare Policy

Najoom Al Thuraya cares about the kids’ privacy by allowing the mature guys only for the website orientation. We don’t let innocent children share their information intentionally or unintentionally to avoid any mishap.


We are not rigid to the ongoing privacy policy all the time. Instead, we ensure the updated version of policy making. It is requested that the users keep an eye view at the AL Thuraya privacy policy before further approaching any confusion.

Contact & Problem Solving

We highly appreciate any customer query or answer-related problem-solving conversation to clarify the privacy policy. Compose an email about the relevant query or ask directly by making contact at [email protected] or by phone number.