RTA GPS Certified Company in UAE

In transportation, ensuring security, compliance, and legality is primarily important. Sticking to regulatory standards is paramount whether you are managing commercial fleets or personal automobiles. One such document that ensures security and compliance is an RTA GPS certificate. Najoom-Al-Thuraya, an RTA-certified tracking company in the UAE, offers authentic and reliable tracking systems. Ensure the safety of your fleet operations with our RTA company in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Roads & Transport Authority: An Overview

The Road and Transport Authority, or RTA, is a legal document that the RTA or similar Government provides. The main aim of this certification is to provide evidence that the automobile follows the regulatory standards made by the transportation authority, declaring safety regulations and compliance. The basis of launching this certification was to develop an innovative, secure, and sustainable transportation system for the locals of Dubai.

As an RTA-certified company in Dubai, we understand transport, road, and traffic safety requirements. Therefore, we deliver satisfactory solutions regarding safety, compliance, and legality.

RTA Vehicle Possession Certificate


The purposes of the road and transport authority GPS certificate are listed below.

  • The primary motive of the road and transport authority is to ensure the automobile fulfills the safety standards provided by the transport authority; otherwise, Dubai RTA fines the vehicle owner. The condition of the car, its emission, brake system, and lighting come in safety standards.
  • A road and transport authority certificate is a lawful necessity in different countries to drive an automobile on public roads. Not having an RTA Vehicle Test Certificate results in fines and penalties.  
  • It must show that the automobile has undergone the required inspection and meets safety and transport standards. 
  • Mostly, insurance companies demand a road and transport authority certificate which shows that the automobile is in good condition, has no mechanical failures, and is not involved in any road accidents.


Steps To Get an RTA Vehicle Passing Certificate

At Najoom Al Thuraya, we provide easy steps to get a road and transport authority certificate.

  • Before providing a certificate, your automobile is inspected thoroughly in an authentic inspection center. The different aspects of automobiles, like tires, engines, brakes, lights, and emissions, are examined to ensure regulatory standards.
  • To obtain the certificate, vehicle owners provide the ownership or insurance proofs and registration papers, as part of the certification. 
  • If an automobile fails to fulfill the mandatory transport standards, the owner can accomplish any deficiency and undergo a re-inspection.
  • The last step is the rta registration fees, which varies country to country depending upon the type of certified automobile. 
RTA Vehicle Passing Certificate

Renewal Of RTA Certificate

At Najoom Al Thuraya, we provide easy steps to get a road and transport authority certificate.

The certification period of the Road and transport authority is limited to a specific time frame. As a responsible vehicle owner, you must keep a record of the document expiry date and take necessary actions. You will get a fine for an expired RTA license in case of any negligence.

The RTA license renewal fee varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and has similar vehicle inspection, documentation, and fee payment steps. Regular inspection ensures the safety and security of automobiles.

Why Choose Najoom Al Thuraya?

Among various RTA companies in Dubai, Najoom Al Thuraya ensures the safety or compliance of automobiles, and the road and transport authority certificate protects footsloggers, motorists, and the environment. We understand the complexities of getting a Dubai Road and Transport Authority certificate.

Our expert team ensures that tracking vehicles or fleets elevates your business. With us, locating your automobile’s position is easy, promoting a safer and more efficient journey. Our commitment goes beyond assurance of safety and consumer satisfaction to enhanced vehicle value, environmental protection, and minimizing penalties.


It is a legal document that ensures vehicle safety and that vehicles meet the regulatory standards provided by road and transport authorities.

To get a road and transport authority certificate, you must pass the steps of vehicle documentation, inspection, and fee payment.

It is abbreviated as road and transport authority no objection certificate.

It is a document that confirms the ownership of an automobile given by the regional transport authority.