Cold Chain Monitoring System

Do you want to ensure the safe storage, integrity, and transportation of your temperature-sensitive products? Protect your heat-sensitive items and obtain cold chain compliance in UAE because Najoom Al Thuraya offers real-time insight into refrigerated fleets and promotes carefree cold chain operations.

Mastering Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring System

In today’s landscape, where the transportation of heat-sensitive products has become a necessity, the need for the best cold chain GPS tracker has evolved. Cold chain is a process that helps to supervise refrigerated products. It ensures the security, integrity, and protection of valuable items such as food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and vaccines by monitoring deviations in temperature and humidity. Investing in such a system will help diversify your market business and enhance customer satisfaction.

Our cold chain temperature monitoring devices use a GPS tracker with temperature sensors to track your valuable goods throughout the journey from their production to the final destination. It maintains the standard temperature for heat-sensitive items, promoting safe transportation. Our cold chain monitoring devices also help maintain a suitable environment for moisture-sensitive goods by managing temperature and humidity.

Features Of Our Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring Devices

Below are some remarkable features of our AI and IoT-based cold chain monitoring solutions.

  • It can maintain the specific temperature for heat-sensitive items to ensure integrity, safety, and precision.
  • It provides a real-time view of your refrigerated fleets, whether the vehicle carries vaccines or sensitive goods. 
  • It uses GPS tracking and IoT sensors, which help to validate the temperature and minimize losses due to damaged goods. 
  • Our cold chain tracking gives real-time alerts whenever the temperature and humidity exceed predefined limits. 
  • Our highly configurable temperature sensors allow you to take necessary action on time in case of temperature fluctuation.
  • It ensures quality control and compliance with regulatory standards by keeping a thorough temperature and humidity record throughout the supply chain.
  • It minimizes product degradation and spoilage by enhancing efficiency and cost savings. 
  • It gives access to historical data archived for up to one year. You can access this data through downloadable reports. 
Cold Chain Monitoring System

The Need For Precision & Accuracy

With technological advancements, the need for reliable cold chain companies evolved to help businesses achieve accuracy, precision, and accuracy. The need for these solutions is not just because of the growing complexity of the global supply chain, but it is a commitment towards safety, protection, and compliance.

Besides this, even the slightest fluctuation in temperature or humidity could harm thermally sensitive goods. For example, whenever the temperature fluctuates, vaccines lose their potency, and perishable goods can spoil. Therefore, to minimize loss and health risks, investing in reliable cold chain tracking solutions is essential.

Our Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring System In UAE

Najoom Al Thuraya is a reliable cold chain monitoring company in the UAE. Our cold chain temperature monitoring devices use GNSS tracking and sensor monitoring to meet the vehicle’s optimum temperature and humidity. We assure your product’s safety even in extreme weather conditions during the supply chain.

Our sensors ensure high precision, are positioned with global connectivity, and help monitor the data essential for your fleet operations. Our GPS tracking solutions aim to minimize loss and help with cost savings, the safety of valuable products, and customer satisfaction. Join us now to explore the benefits of one of the best vehicle monitoring companies in the UAE.


It is a system that helps ensure the safety, accuracy, and integrity of heat-sensitive items by monitoring the temperature and humidity using technological solutions.

It is a standard temperature range under which sensitive products such as vaccines, medicines, beverages, and food items are kept throughout the supply chain.