Asateel Certification and ITC Compliance with Najoom Al Thuraya

Najoom Al Thuraya, as a key provider of GPS Tracking services in the UAE, is proud to be an Asateel-certified tracking company. Our commitment to excellence extends seamlessly to our approved services from Asateel, ensuring an advanced and reliable tracking system. The registration process is a testament to our dedication to achieving the highest standards set by ITC.

Best Asateel Certified GPS Installation Company in Abu Dhabi

ASATEEL is the regulatory backbone for all modes of transportation in Abu Dhabi. Controlling and overseeing operations enhances efficiency in passenger services by tracking vehicle whereabouts in real-time, and optimizing travel routes for an improved passenger experience. As a certified Company, we ensure a smooth integration of GPS trackers. Our role goes beyond compliance; we actively participate in optimizing the platform, reflecting our commitment to delivering solutions that exceed expectations.

Asatel certificate

Utilizing Asateel’s tracking services:

Companies approved by Asateel gain not just a platform but an ecosystem that streamlines the acquisition of permits for commercial transport activities. This involves a meticulous process where companies like Najoom Al Thuraya register and install onboard tracking devices in vehicles. The stringent requirement for functioning tracking devices ensures a new standard of operational transparency and efficiency.

Why Choose Najoom Al Thuraya?

As a leading provider of GPS tracking services in the UAE, Najoom Al Thuraya is your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of ASATEEL Certification in Abu Dhabi. Our expertise ensures that your tracking and management processes are not only aligned but also optimized for success. With us, your vehicles aren’t just tracked; they’re laced with precision, ensuring a journey that’s not just secure but also efficient. Plus, our commitment goes beyond the road; we’re here to enhance your experience and redefine the way you connect with your fleet.

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Benefits of Asateel Certification