Shahin Certification: Elevating Cargo Security with SecurePath Premium

Najoom Al Thuraya proudly holds the Shahin Certificate, offering advanced GPS tracking systems that align with the highest standards of security and compliance. Our company ensures not only regulatory adherence but also optimal performance, contributing to safer and more secure transport at different ports in the UAE. Explore the enhanced security and compliance benefits of Shahin Certification with Najoom Al Thuraya’s advanced GPS tracking company.

Shahin Under SecurePath Premium Services

Shahin, an integral part of SecurePath Premium services, stands as an important component for ensuring the security and compliance of cargo and port-related vehicles in Dubai. SecurePath Premium, certified by the Security Industry Regulatory Agency (SIRA), integrates Shahin to provide advanced GPS tracking and surveillance solutions.

Shahin Certificate

Implementation of Shahin SIRA Dubai

Shahin SIRA UAE takes center stage in fortifying Dubai’s transport security landscape. The meticulous deployment of GPS Systems on cargo trucks at various ports marks a strategic move towards enhancing overall security. This comprehensive system not only ensures 24/7 surveillance from entry to destination but also actively contributes to expediting trade processes and promoting road safety. The result is a secure and monitored cargo fleet that significantly reduces the risk of theft, unauthorized use, and other illegal activities. Shahin SIRA Dubai, coupled with Najoom Al Thuraya’s expertise, transforms transportation security into a proactive and efficient pursuit.


Choose Najoom Al Thuraya for Shahin-Certified Services

Najoom Al Thuraya, with its Shahin Certification, stands as the preferred partner for businesses seeking secure and compliant freight transport services in the UAE. The commitment to compliance, real-time monitoring, and preventive security measures make Najoom Al Thuraya a trusted ally in navigating the maritime landscape of the United Arab Emirates.

Advantages of Shahin-Certified Freight Transport

Compliance Across Ports

Prevention of Unauthorized Activities
Real-Time Tracking

Efficient Route Optimization
Shahin SIRA registration

Port of Jebel Ali: Situated in Dubai, the Port of Jebel Ali is one of the largest and busiest ports globally. Shahin Certification is crucial here to enhance security, prevent theft, and monitor the movements of cargo vehicles, contributing to the overall efficiency of port operations.

Port of Abu Dhabi: As the capital’s gateway, the Port of Abu Dhabi demands the highest standards of security. Shahin-certified freight transport by our company ensures compliance with regulations, offering real-time monitoring and tracking capabilities for vehicles entering and leaving the port.

Port of Sharjah: The Shahin Certificate is indispensable at the Port of Sharjah, where the focus is on expediting trade processes and raising road safety. Our Certified services provide advanced solutions for cargo vehicles, aligning with SIRA guidelines for security and monitoring.

Port of Fujairah: Serving as a key port on the eastern coast, the Port of Fujairah relies on stringent security measures. We ensure the tracking and tracing of cargo vehicles at this port and contribute to the prevention of theft and unauthorized activities.

Port of Khalifa: The Port of Khalifa, strategically located in Taweelah, demands advanced security measures. Shahin Certification, integrated with SecurePath Premium services, provides real-time GPS tracking, contributing to the efficiency and security of freight operations in this crucial port.