Our GPS Vehicle Tracking App

Keep track of your vehicles with the help of this powerful and easy to use vehicle tracking app. Enjoy real-time access to live location, exclusive features and a free download!

Discover the power of our live GPS vehicle tracking app that offers accurate real-time location information for your vehicles. Stay connected and in control with our comprehensive alert notification system that provides important vehicle details such as limit alerts, fuel status, speed status and much more with just one click.

Experience enhanced operational efficiency as you optimize routes and schedules with real-time location data. Enjoy cost savings through fuel efficiency by monitoring fuel consumption and identifying potential areas for improvement. Our app empowers you to make informed decisions promptly, contributing to the overall safety and security of your vehicles and assets. Let’s explore some of the features that make our app a game-changer for fleet management and vehicle monitoring.


Download our live GPS vehicle tracking app to get an accurate location !

  • The alert notification option gives vehicle positions like recovery alert, GPS tracker name, speed, time zone, moving, or custom alarm.
  • Users can get login access anytime by simply entering their username and password along with the password remembering check box option.
  • Location spots are mentioned with the map navigation where a person can quickly get acknowledged the natural destiny of the automobiles.
  • Different colorful segments are embedded with a dashboard that shows the latest status of the automobile, like moving, staying idle, parked, and not reporting the case.
  • The menu list helps vehicle users to check the essential functions quickly, such as live tracking, vehicle list, alert, basic settings, sign out, etc.
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We empower you to optimize operations, enhance safety, and streamline operations with easy access to our advanced GPS tracking app. Embrace the future of fleet management with confidence, knowing that our app is not just a tool but a strategic partner in ensuring the efficiency, security, and longevity of your vehicle assets. Navigate your success with Najoom Al-Thuraya, where precision meets innovation, and every journey is mapped for excellence.