Understanding the Role of Securepath Premium Services in Dubai

SIRA Dubai has set up a rule where all rental and security vehicles and some other Emirates vehicles must have a GPS tracking device with a certificate showing it’s properly installed. Securepath Premium Services in Dubai offer various features beyond GPS tracking, customizable to meet businesses’ specific requirements.

Standard GPS & Securepath Premium Services in Dubai

SecurePath Premium Services

SecurePath premium services offer the following features:

Real-time Vehicle Tracking

These premium services provide current updates on the location and status of all vehicles in a fleet. This allows companies to track their vehicles in real-time, optimize their routes, and respond quickly to any incidents.

Engine immobilization

The premium package allows businesses to remotely immobilize their vehicles in the event of theft or other unauthorized use. This can help companies recover their stolen cars and prevent them from being used for criminal activity.

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Driver Behavior Monitoring

Premium package can help businesses monitor their employees’ driving behavior and identify drivers at risk of accidents. 

Geofence Alerts

Features like Geofence allow businesses to create boundaries around specific areas, such as customer sites, warehouses, or restricted areas. The business owner will be notified when a vehicle enters or leaves a geofence.

Fuel Management

Their premium services provide companies with insights into fuel consumption and can help them identify areas where they can save money.

How Businesses in Dubai are using SecurePath Premium Services?

  • A logistics company uses these advanced services to track vehicle movement and optimize routes. This has helped the company reduce fuel costs and improve customer service.
  • A rental car company uses SecurePath premium services to track its vehicles and ensure they are returned on time. This has helped the company reduce its losses due to theft and damage.
  • A security company can also utilize premium features to track its cash-in-transit automobiles and to prevent theft. This feature helps the company to improve the security of its clients’ assets.
  • A construction company uses these services to track its heavy machinery fleet and ensure they are used safely and efficiently.

By offering a range of customizable features and benefits, SecurePath can help businesses to meet their specific needs and achieve their desired results.

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