Online GPS Vehicle Tracking

Track your vehicle or fleet location and status with our innovative GPS monitoring solutions. We provide a one-stop solution to monitor your assets, fleets, personal automobiles, cargo, and shipments. Revolutionize how you manage your fleets with our online vehicle tracking system in the UAE.

GPS Online Vehicle Tracking System

Online vehicle tracking system facility eases the overall process of tracking system where users can check the introductory provisions of their automobile with a simple login. We provide web-based software service to get access from any laptop or PC screen, whereas smartphone users can also interact via the Najoom Al Thuraya application

Online accessibility is an effective and relaxed way for drivers and fleet managers to get reports of their automobiles in an all-in-one place. It doesn’t matter whether you are in Sharjah or Dubai; all you need is our login accessibility to track the position of your automobiles across the UAE.

Like the advanced technology provision, we deliver the best vehicle tracking in UAE by automating end-to-end operations. The powerful software solution provides an eye-catching dashing board and tabs that allow users to utilize the built-in commands efficiently. Najoom Al Thuraya ensures complete conformance of customer service by establishing a reliable online vehicle tracking system. Some of the key features are described: 

GPS Online Vehicle Tracking System

Real-time Tracking Updates

If you want real-time updates about your vehicles, you have all-in-one solutions to find the daily base schedules and data reports. You can customize notifications for today or yesterday according to your feasibility. Moreover, the frequency of schedules can be expanded to a weekly or daily basis along with the email receiving option.

Data History

Tracking data is kept in the form of reports that inform the user about the ongoing route, staying position, and non-reporting status from time to time. You can get the reports in PDF or Excel sheets with the complete description of the full ranges covered by the vehicle and the time and date. SMS alerts also help users to understand the continuous progress with time-to-time monitoring.

Introducing Geofencing

Our online tracking system has Geofencing features that allow you to set virtual boundaries for your cars or assets. Instant alerts for boundary crossing and driver behaviour ensure increased safety and better operational control. These advanced capabilities empower you to maintain a proactive asset protection and management approach, fostering peace of mind for your business.

Driver behaviour monitoring

Keep track of your fleet’s performance with our driver behaviour tracking feature. Access valuable insights into driver habits such as speed, hard braking, and idling, which promotes safer driving practices and lowers maintenance costs. Enhance driver training programs and optimize operational efficiency by identifying areas for improvement and reducing vehicle wear and tear.

Intelligent Analytics

Use our comprehensive data analysis to gain valuable business insights. Spot Trends and better routes to make data-driven decisions to improve overall operational efficiency and increase profitability.Our intelligent analytics act as a guiding compass for your business, helping you steer towards success.

Mobile App Integration

Experience the power of real-time tracking on the go with our mobile app integration. Access important vehicle information, receive notifications, and manage your fleet from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet. This mobile integration ensures that you’re always connected to your fleet, no matter where you are, making remote fleet management a breeze and enhancing your flexibility and responsiveness.

Enhanced security features

With our advanced security features, you can drive without worrying about your property being safe. Enjoy anti-theft alerts, remote engine immobilization, and secure vehicle access control to protect your fleet from unauthorized use. Our security measures add an extra layer of protection, ensuring your assets are safe around the clock, bolstering your fleet’s integrity, and minimizing potential risks.

At Najoom Al Thuraya, we are committed to providing you with a comprehensive online tracking system that goes beyond basic tracking and offers advanced features to streamline your operations and achieve new levels of success. Join us for exceptional customer support and ensure you have the tools and assistance to stay at the forefront of fleet management innovation.


You can track your car easily through a GPS tracker installed inside the car by accessing through the mobile app or web tracking via the internet.

Yes, we can track each & every movement of the car and its changed statuses like speed, acceleration, parking position, interior temperature, fuel consumption, and others from the map.

Our online tracking system uses GPS technology to accurately track the location of your vehicles or assets in real-time. GPS data is transmitted to our servers and you can access the information through our user-friendly mobile application.

Yes, our online tracking system allows you to track and manage multiple vehicles or assets from one platform. You can easily add and track each vehicle or asset individually.

Yes, we take data security seriously. Our online tracking system uses robust encryption and secure servers to protect your tracking data and ensure it remains accessible only to authorized users.