List Of GPS Tracking Companies In UAE

Gps Tracking Companies

Reliable GPS technology has become necessary in an era where every second matters and every mile counts. As the competitive landscape of the United Arab Emirates continues to progress toward technological innovation in the Middle East, the need for an authentic GPS company has increased continuously. Whether you want to optimize your fleet operations, enhance security, or monitor your vehicle status, GPS technology stands at the front of various industries across the UAE.

Whether you are a business owner trying to streamline your fleet operations, a responsible parent wanting to ensure your child’s safety, or a Government agency wanting to ensure national security, investing in authentic vehicle tracking would make a big difference. Welcome to our blog, where we will guide you through some of the top automobile tracking companies in the UAE. Revolutionize your business operations and personal vehicles with these tracking companies from the bustling streets of Dubai to the Pacific landscape of Abu Dhabi.

Top 8 Best GPS Vehicle Tracking Companies in UAE

Let’s delve deep into the list of GPS tracking companies in UAE.

1. Najoom Al Thuraya

Najoom Al Thuraya is a leading secure path-certified GPS company established in the UAE in 2019. It aims to ensure the safety and security of automobiles like cars, Wagons, buses, trucks, cargo, and shipment. The company started by introducing its automobile tracking device along with the software and application accessibility. They provide peace of mind to the users through their mobile app or software that monitors the location of their assets and ensures safety. Besides this, the reliability and authenticity of this tracking company are enhanced by their certifications of the secure Path, Asateel, Shahin, and Rta certificates.

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Customer satisfaction is their top priority. They understand the importance of customers’ and their assets’ safety; therefore, their team keeps in touch with the users and asks them how their automobiles travel from time to time. They offer reasonable prices and packages to the residents of UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, and Fujairah). You will get all the services regarding your fleet management, personal automobile tracking, fuel & temperature monitoring, asset management, and school bus monitoring at a reasonable price. Their commitment to accuracy, efficiency, and real-time monitoring has made them one of the best tracking companies in the UAE.

2. Falcon Trackers

Falcon Trackers is a global GPS company that started with the aim of helping other businesses grow through its transformative vehicle-tracking solutions. The company understands the problems businesses face every day regarding their fleet operations, so it tailored an automobile monitoring platform that fulfills the needs of businesses and individuals. This company’s advanced automobile tracking technology connects users to their assets, trucks, shipments, cargo, or buses.

This company is considered a service-oriented tracking service provider because of its countless happy customers. Whether you want to manage your fleet, dispatch and logistics, Taxi management, or temperature monitoring, you can get everything here in affordable packages. This company’s monitoring devices help to enhance efficiency, minimize cost, and increase productivity.

3. Locator

Locator is one of the best GPS-based vehicle tracking companies. Established in 2009, it has revolutionized how businesses manage their fleets. It has eliminated the struggle organizations or individuals face while managing their vehicles. It ensures business growth and increases revenue with its vehicle tracking software. With locators updated and reliable automobile tracking software, it is easy to manage and control the assets or fleet of vehicles.

The advanced features of their software, exceptional team support, competitive packages, and software integration make this company a choice for numerous clients. This company’s uniqueness lies in its updated software and innovative tracking devices. Their experience of more than a decade helps reduce operational costs and maximize revenue.

4. My GPS

My GPS is a vehicle tracking company whose headquarters are in the UAE. Its flawless and robust tracking solutions fulfill your fleet management needs. Their goal is to ensure fleet security, effectiveness, and quality. Because this company understands the needs of its customers, it thrives continuously in the competitive marketplace of the UAE.

Their minimum downtime and round-the-clock availability make them among the leading tracking companies. The company services various clients with tracking features like fuel monitoring, online tracking, reports, alerts, driver behavior, and secure path service. With the robust software of My GPS company, you can keep a comprehensive record of your automobile location, mileage covered, fuel consumption, and driver behavior.

5. Touch World Technology LLC

Touch World Technology LLC is included in the list of GPS tracking companies in UAE because it has resolved complex fleet management problems. It has made the fleet management system simple and seamless. As a client-focused solution provider, this company has offered simple and reliable solutions regarding transportation and fleet management.

This company aims to help businesses realize their full potential by providing innovative devices. Because of their client-centric location solutions, they have solved logistics movement problems. The secure path, Shaheen, and Asateel certifications show their reliability and authenticity in monitoring and tracking vehicles.

6. Go Fleet

The Go Fleet is a GPS tracking company established in 2010 to minimize vehicle downtime. Its telematics technology helps managers make decisions to reduce setbacks and losses. Since its establishment, the company has addressed various issues related to fleet efficiency, maintenance, and management.

They ensure environmental sustainability through innovative solutions, such as cold chain & fuel monitoring, asset tracking & maintenance, routing & dispatching. It helps customers optimize and streamline their business operations by understanding their needs and providing the best solution. The values of this company lie in their industry leadership, innovation, collaboration, and speedy execution, which enable them to provide the best solution to their customers. 

7. FMSi

The Fleet Management System International was founded in 2003 in the United Arab Emirates. With over twenty years of proven experience, the company became a leading service provider of fleet management and mobile asset tracking. It provides peace of mind by monitoring your vehicles, such as buses, trucks, cars, and containers.

FMSi ensures efficiency and productivity, enhances road safety, reduces operational costs, and improves savings with its bespoke software. The company provides the right tool to measure, manage, control, and monitor your fleet. Their different services, such as data analytics, customization, consultancy, support, and project management, have included the company in the list of GPS tracking companies in UAE. They aim to ensure customer satisfaction by providing reliable, innovative, and scalable solutions.

8. Drive Seven GPS Tracking Solutions

Drive Seven is a GPS tracking company in the UAE established in 2014 and certified by Secure Path, Secure Path Premium, RTA, TDRA, and SIRA. The company offers innovative solutions and advanced software; therefore, it is included in the list of GPS tracking companies in UAE. The availability of their 24/7 technical team support and proficiency have enabled them to help customers globally.

Innovative 4G fleet management solutions and automobile tracking services have empowered businesses worldwide. The company offers a user-friendly mobile app for iOS and Android that helps users monitor their automobile location and status. They aim to ensure security and safety by continuously modifying and updating their solutions and services according to customers’ needs.

Wrapping Up!

Ensuring the safety and security of your personal vehicle, assets, logistics, or fleets is becoming paramount in the increasingly digital world. Businesses have understood the importance of a reliable, authentic, cost-effective GPS tracking system.

You will find various GPS tracking companies in UAE’s competitive landscape, but here in this blog, we have helped you by providing a list of GPS tracking companies in UAE. Vehicle monitoring companies like Najoom Al Thuraya, Locator, Falcon trackers, and my GPS are considered the most trusted and reliable tracking service providers that ensure safety, increase revenue, and ensure efficient fleet operations.