How To Get an RTA Vehicle Possession Certificate In Dubai

RTA Vehicle Possession Certificate

An RTA vehicle possession certificate is a document issued by the road and transport authority in power. This document is proof that shows proprietorship and possession of an automobile. It is also called hayaza paper and is issued to vehicles still needing to be drivable.

Applying for a car ownership document in Dubai is relatively easy. Locals, residents, citizens, and businesses can apply for this document. Obtaining an RTA driving license certificate is considered a requirement for people living in the UAE. Let’s go further and understand the process of applying for and getting a vehicle ownership document.

Various Ways To Get an RTA Vehicle Test Certificate

There are various convenient options that you will see while applying for ownership proof. You will have legal proof of proprietorship after getting this document. Below are the ways to get the vehicle proprietorship document.

  • Online: An individual can apply online for this document on the official website of the road and transport authority.
  • In-person: You can apply for this document by going to the automobile inspection center or customer center.
  • Vehicle Centers: You can get the ownership document by visiting Dubai’s inspection and registration centers.

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A Thorough Lead To Get RTA Driving License Certificate

In this blog, we share a step-by-step guide to obtaining a vehicle ownership document and proof of ownership.

Step 1: Required Documents:

  1. An original identity document from the Emirates is necessary for a single person.
  2. The necessary documents for automobiles owned by companies include an official letter in Arabic, a Trade license copy, and a memorandum of association for the LLC companies that conduct activities like vehicle trading.
  3. An automobile registration plate.
  4. Electronic mortgage release for a vehicle if it is under the mortgage.
  5. Traffic file of the owner
  6. An official letter from the consulate and foreign affairs ministry is required for diplomatic bodies. 

Step 2: Getting RTA Vehicle Ownership CertificateThrough Website

If you want to get the car ownership document in Dubai through the website, follow the steps below.

  1. With the help of a UAE pass or username and password, an individual can log in to the website. 
  2. The next step is choosing the licensing service according to the need.
  3. Now, the individual will add all the necessary information and confirm the ID using the UAE pass.
  4. In the end, paying the required fees will lead you to get your legal ownership document.
  5. The individual will get proof of ownership after submitting the required fees.

Step 3: Getting possession certificate rta In-Person/Vehicle Centers

Below are the steps to get the vehicle ownership document in person or from vehicle centers in Dubai, UAE.

  1. While visiting the vehicle inspection center, you must go to the front desk and ask the employer about the car ownership document.
  2. You will get a link from the employer sitting at the front desk.
  3. The individual will receive a transaction code by providing the necessary documents with the help of the link.
  4. The next step is to provide the transaction code to the employer. The employer will complete the service process by signing and reviewing your application.
  5. Now, it is the stage to provide the required fees for the vehicle ownership proof.
  6. It is time to provide the automobile plates and receive proof of your proprietorship and receipt through email or SMS.

Step 4: Getting vehicle test certificate Through the Call Center

You will need a call center number to get proof of RTA ownership in Dubai.

  1. The call center number to get a car ownership certificate is 8009090, which you must dial in the first step.
  2. The next step is to provide the automobile data and pay the required fees.
  3. After paying the fees, you will get your proprietorship document sent via email or SMS.

Service Fees To Get a Vehicle Ownership Certificate

The required fee for the car ownership document in Dubai, UAE, is 100 AED, along with +20 AED innovation fees for the vehicle owner. The ownership transfer fees would be 400 AED, certification fees would be 100 AED, and innovation fees include +20 AED for the buyers.

Besides this, the website will instantly provide you with your ownership document, while the inspection centers will take at least 5 minutes.

Important Benefits OF RTA Vehicle Possession Certificate In Dubai

There are various important benefits of getting a car ownership document.

  • Legal Proof: This document gives you a legal right of proprietorship even if the automobile is not roadworthy. 
  • Transfer Of Proprietorship: This ownership document helps to transfer the ownership legally and satisfy the individual that they are getting proprietorship legally.
  • Protection To The Owner: Legal protection is an essential aspect that records the legal status in situations like accidents. 
  • Maintain Record: It helps to keep the record by ensuring that the ownership and vehicle status is documented accurately.

Essential Terms And Conditions For Applying Rta E Certificate

You should have an awareness about the terms and conditions while applying for the ownership document.

  • The owner or legal representative must make an in-person visit.
  • This document doesn’t make your automobile roadworthy; it is legal proof of your proprietorship.
  • You must pay all the traffic fines before getting this ownership document.
  • The release of a mortgage is necessary if the automobile is under the mortgage.

Final Thoughts!

Getting an RTA vehicle Possession Certificate In Dubai is mandatory. It not only serves as a legal proof of ownership but also helps to transfer proprietorship legally, provide legal protection to the vehicle owner, and keep the record of automobile documentation. Besides these important factors, you will find different ways to get the automobile ownership document through websites, in-person, or inspection centers/call centers.

Getting this proprietorship document is easy, and it involves submitting the necessary documents, paying the required fees, and, in the end, getting the certificate electronically. The service fee for owners of automobiles is 100 AED, including +20 AED innovation fees. At the same time, an in-person visit is also necessary to get the ownership document.